7 Key Benefits of Installing Double Glazing in Essex

Double glazed windows are windows that have two layers of glass with a space between them. While double glazing was mainly developed to provide better house insulation, it has much more to offer. Compared to single glazing, double glazed windows have been shown to not only reduce energy bills and exclude noise but are also better for the environment, easier to maintain, and can raise your property value, too. Today we will look at the several benefits of double glazing Essex.

1. Noise Reduction
With single glazed windows, not only does this let in chills from the heat outside, but it can also allow all the external noises in, too. Whether that’s vehicles driving down the road, people walking past the window, dogs barking – hearing these noises is never perfect if you’re trying to go to sleep. However, double glazing benefits because it hides a lot more of the noise – meaning they’re particularly beneficial if you live in a noisy region, near an airport or train station are a light sleeper.

On the flip side, you can also enjoy listening to music aloud in your own home without the worry of disturbing your neighbors!

2. Insulation
One of the most commonly known benefits of double glazing is insulation. Keeping the chill-out and the heat in is essential during the chillier months, and double glazing can make an immense difference.
With the extra pane of glass, double glazed windows act as a better barrier – not letting as much heat release on those colder days. Double glazing also provides benefits in summer – as they keep the extreme heat outside rather than allowing it to protrude into your home, keeping it a little bit cooler. With benefits in winter and summer, double glazing effectively controls the temperature in the house and avoids the extremes.

3. Security
Cracking or breaking a single glazed window can generally be pretty easy to do, as there is only one pane of glass to break through. So, to prevent invaders from smashing into your home, double glazed windows have a much more protective shell with two panes – meaning they’re more difficult to break or to be forced open from the outside. With the Essex double glazing windows, you can rest assured that your home is a lot more protected.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing
Do you have a particular style of exterior for your house? Whether it’s modern or traditional, all structural profiles can be fitted with double glazing while keeping the house's existing character – that way, you can keep your unique aesthetics without having to compromise on loss of insulation!

5. Reduce on Energy Bills
As double-glazed windows keep more heat in, you’re less prone to need to overheat your home with the use of storage heaters or central heating. With the current wave in anti-climate change and helping the environment, having double glazed windows helps as they will unwittingly be eco-friendly, as your energy bills are likely to decrease considerably after having double glazing windows fitted.

6. Increasing Property Value
Not only does it provide insulation to your home, but adding double glazed windows to your property can also improve its value. Double glazing enables the house to be more comfortable to live in and makes it more beautiful to potential buyers.

7. Easy to Maintain
Finally, one of the benefits of double glazing is that they’re easy to maintain, from cleaning to maintaining the property's value for ages to come. To clean the windows, clean the frames with soapy water every so often, and your windows will be shining within minutes. In terms of durability, modern double glazing is designed to last for ages. So your home will be successfully insulated, blocking out right and reducing energy bills for time to come.

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